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Friday, March 22, 2019

Digital Marketing tools Ahrefs

1. Ahrefs – The Ultimate Research Tool
When it comes to researching backlinks, keywords, competitors, content, etc., there are about a hundred thousand tools to choose from.

Typically in these sorts of saturated markets, you have your big, pricey enterprise tools and your smaller, single-function, low-cost tools. Often, the leading, enterprise-level option is a bloated mess, where you are overcharged for essentially one or two high-value functions with a huge batch of worthless supplements that inflate the cost.

This isn’t the case with Ahrefs. In a crowded market of SEO tools, Ahrefs stands out as a offering perhaps the best backlink tools for an incredibly competitive rate.


The initial dashboard provides you with a laundry list of key data for any domain you wish to view, including:

Domain rank and authority
Complete backlink profile
Organic keyword rankings & traffic
Referring domains
Top content and pages
Performance over time
Top competitors
Paid traffic performance
You can monitor your own domain for brand mentions, target keyword mentions, new links, keyword rankings, etc. And you can also do all of this for your competitors as well. Ahrefs really is the ultimately research tool online, and at $99 for the starting package, it’s incredibly cost effective as well.

Plus, with their new Content Explorer tool, they’ve eliminated the need to also purchase something like BuzzSumo, essentially rolling that functionality into their own tool suite, and doing so at a high level.

Digital Marketing Tools - Ahrefs
Many of the tools on this list are simple, low-priced, one or two function options that allow to chip away at one key problem. When it comes to research and analysis, however, I recommend that you drop the coin for Ahrefs and make it your one-stop solution for tracking both your own SEO progress as well as the competition.

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